FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Updated Thursday 29th June 2009 by S. Clack


1. Main menu and lists are in the wrong place or corrupted

Close AeroTrac and all other programs running on your computer. You need to be logged in with Administrator privileges, if you do not have them or are not sure then please see your system administrator for help. It may also help to restart your computer before you begin.

Click Start, click Programs (or All Programs), click Tracware and click Fix Menus and Lists.

Try running AeroTrac again to see if the problem has been fixed. If not, try the following:

Click Start and click Run
Type: msconfig
Click OK.
Click Startup
Click Disable All
Click OK.

Restart your computer when prompted.

Try running Fix Menus and Lists again once you are back in to Windows. If the problem is still not fixed, try the following:

Click Start and click Run.
Type: cmd
Click OK.
Now type the following commands and press enter after each line:
cd %windir%\system32
regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx /s /u

copy mscomctl.bak mscomctl.ocx /Y
regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx /s

After you have tried the above you will need to carry out the following to enable your start-up items:

Click Start and click Run
Type: msconfig
Click OK.
Click Startup
Click Enable All
Click OK.
Restart your computer when prompted.

Contact TracWare if the problem persists.


2. How to make labels fit on Toshiba TEC B-SA4TM printer

In order to get the Toshiba TEC B-SA4TM printers to fit on to 4x3 labels you need to adjust the DPI as follows:

Go in to the Printers Control Panel.
Right-click on the Toshiba printer and select Printer Properties.
Click on the Tools tab.
Click Driver Options.
Click Printer Specifications.
Tick Override Manufacturer Defaults.
Change the X and Y Resolutions to a lower or higher figure than currently displayed. Try increments of 10 DPI until the label is a better fit.
Click OK, and then OK again.


3. Printing or previewing causes "Visual C++ Runtime Error" crash when using Office 2003

You need to install Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (or Access 2003 Service Pack 3 if you have it installed on its own).


4. Client computers are not receiving messages about software updates

You need to enable the Alerter and Messenger services on the server and client computers. See your system administrator.


5. Printing a Process Package with mail merge documents in causes "Opening this will run the following SQL command"

The Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #825765 describes how to disable this.


6. You receive the message "This file is not in the correct format for an Access Project" when attempting to run AeroTrac

The computer lost power or was turned off when AeroTrac was previously running or the AeroTrac Update window was closed when the update was being performed. You need to run Update AeroTrac and allow it to finish in order to fix this problem.


7. Update AeroTrac does not run under Windows Vista

Try right-clicking on the 'Update AeroTrac' icon and selecting the 'Run As Administrator' option. If it still doesn't work, we may need to adjust your update file, or you may need to turn off 'User Account Control' (see your system administrator).