Tracware Software Updates

Updated 11th March 2019


Software Updates

Remember! You need to download both the Database Update and Application for your system.

Non Aircraft

Database Update *

Application (06-Mar-19) (11-Mar-19)


Database Update *

Application (17-Oct-18) (12-Feb-19)


Database Update *

Application (20-Apr-16) (30-Sep-16)


Database Update *

Application (10-Jun-15) (14-Apr-16)

* Note: If you receive the message 'This file is located outside of your intranet' or 'Windows smart screen has prevented access to this file' when attempting to run the Database Update, you need to right-click on the file, select Properties and then click Unblock at the bottom of the window followed by OK.

Performing the Database Update

  1. A computer with Aerotrac installed must be used to run the Database Update.

  2. Download the Database Update file. For Aerotrac v2.50 you will need to extract the file from the zip archive. Launch the file and it will be opened by Microsoft Access (see the * Note section above if you have difficulties opening the file).

  3. Click Update when the window opens and it will update all of your databases to the latest version.

  4. If it warns you of users being in the system, you will need to get them all to quit Aerotrac or you can remove them by clicking Kick.

  5. If it tells you one or more errors occurred please click the Save Results button and then email it to us using

Installing the Software Application (Premium & Premium Plus)

  1. Download the appropriate application (for your version) and run.

  2. When asked for a destination folder type the location of the Tracware folder on your server (e.g. \\SERVER\Tracware\).

  3. Update your client machines using the update script provided on the desktop.

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System Files & Utilities

  • Database Administrator for v2.50  - Version 5.0 (17-Oct-18)
    Database Administrator for v2.30/v2.40 - Version 4.3 (09-Apr-14)

    The Database Administrator is an application which allows you to perform some maintenance tasks on your databases. You can create backups & archived databases, create test databases, fix serial number errors, and more. The Database Administrator will run on any computer which has Aerotrac installed.

  • Access 2002 Runtime (for Premium 2.30 and Premium Plus 2.40)
    Download and install if you do not have Microsoft Access XP (2002), 2003, 2007 or 2010 installed. Access 2013 is not supported by Premium 2.30 and Premium Plus 2.40.
    Access 2002 Runtime Installer
    Access 2002 Runtime Service Pack 3

  • Access 2010 Runtime (for 2.50)
    Download and install if you do not have Microsoft Access 2010, 2013 or 2016 installed. Only 32bit editions of Access are supported. Microsoft Office 2010 64bit is not supported and must be replaced with the 32bit version.
    Access 2010 Runtime Installer
    Access 2010 Runtime Service Pack 2

  • Aerotrac Installer (MSI) - Version 2.40.2015.2 (15-Jul-15)
    Generic installer for Premium 2.30 and Premium Plus 2.40.

  • Aerotrac 2.50 Installer (MSI) - Version 2.50 (05-Jan-16)
    Generic installer for 2.50.

  • Time Clock Installer - Version (05-Jan-10)
    Installs the stand-alone Time Clock module (for DCS).

  • Snapshot Viewer
    View reports saved as .SNP.

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